Dynamic Difference:
Real-time data gave consumer’s more informed choices and boosted sales of Pimms.


The Pimms ‘Grab a Seat’ campaign showed how live data can be used to serve up campaigns that are rewarding for consumers and brands alike.
By installing our own set of sensors in a number of pubs we were able to know the approximate footfall and likelihood of seating space at any given moment. This information gave us room to adapt the creative on nearby poster sites to guide potential drinkers to a venue with enough elbow room to enjoy their Summer drink in peace.
In exchange for that information we were able to put Pimms to the forefront of their mind and compete in the ‘first drink of the night’ battle.

Industry First

The campaign was the first time ‘occupancy data’ from pubs has been used to determine bespoke creative on digital screens. Pioneering use of data in DOOH – we’ll drink to that.