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See our ‘Art of Outdoor’ award winning entry LIVE on Ocean’s Two Towers over the next 2 weeks:

The campaign uses a series of data triggers combined with  our “Relevance Engine” (a  proprietary matching algorithm) to automatically produce unique posters that are relevant to the audience at that specific moment.

The idea was to showcase in a fun and unusual way the substantial archive of Tate Britian’s artwork, stretching back 500 years, and help local and visitors reengage with Tate Britain. The campaign runs automatically with no input needed to create the posters.

The campaign won  first place prize at Oceans  DOOH award, for technical innovation.


Data Triggers

These are are used in combination to  generate and pair the copy with an appropriate image from Tate’s database. This matching gives us a approx. 10 million unique posters that could be used over the life of the campaign.

Traffic Speed –  Under 30mph triggers longer copy, over 30 MPH triggers short copy

Flight Data – Timed on planes landing at Heathrow to show a language appropriate poster

Time of Day

Day of the Week

Weather Data

Presence of the Full Moon ( a fun one to trigger images related to the moon)

Am and PM peak commuters

Tate Artwork – we sample the average colour of the artwork, this then generates the background colour of the Copy poster and the copy is set in a complementary colour to this.


Agencies Involved



Total Media


Media Owner

Ocean Outdoor





Art Direction, design & concept – Martin McCully & Dan Douglas – Liveposter

Copywriters – Jesse Ringham – Tate,  Christina Edwards & Emma Lamden – Liveposter

Development – Liveposter – head up by Steve Pavett

Campaign manager – David Kelshaw – Liveposter



The Drum

Creative Review

Brand Republic

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Creativity Online

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Luerzer’s Archive 

Blouin Art Info


Liveposter flight triggered

Liveposter ‘flight triggered’ execution