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#inspiredDOOH Chipotle give away 14k Burritos

Another good example of how DOOH could enhance a social effort:

Chipotle’s UK Facebook & Twitter pages will reveal a 24-hour website each day, for 7 days, starting 5 August. The Mexican food group will encourage people to visit the site, with the first 2,000 visitors being given an exclusive downloadable voucher for any London branch. However it’s not as simple as it sounds, the URLs will be shown in speed reading format, words will flash up one after the other making up the website.

Current formats – web / social / in-store

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This could have benefitted from being dynamic, with DOOH opportunities including:

– Clues / prizes dropped in OOH

– Twitter heat mapping #BurritoWatch

– Countdown

– Location aware: directions to stores near here

– UGC from winners

– LIVE “Burrito giveaway counter”

Suggested formats– digital OOH screens