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Liveposter was founded in 2011, in a small London studio, by three people with a vision to give all brands the opportunity to optimise their digital out-of-home campaigns with dynamic. This meant creating a platform that could handle high campaign volumes at scale. A platform that’s connected with all screens on an OOH plan and crucially that enables dynamic activations in a simple and cost efficient way.

Since our inception, we have grown to not only have a team of 35 amazingly talented staff but we have expanded our capability around the world with offices in London, New York, Sydney and Singapore. Out of these hubs, we’ve delivered campaigns to over 20 countries.

Liveposter is now a global company, with 600+ dynamic campaigns under its belt and a string of awards on the shelf including a Gold Cannes Lions.

William Hill x Anthony Joshua – Waterloo Motion

The Dynamic Difference

Relevant Creative Increases Campaign Performance.
Advertisers are increasingly looking for dynamic DOOH solutions to increase both the targeting and relevancy of their campaigns. Not only does it stop their creative just becoming wallpaper, but adding a dynamic element to the creative boosts the effectiveness the campaign. We call this the Dynamic Difference.

At Liveposter, we have conducted a series of breakthrough studies to prove that using data to optimise the creative message gives you significant ROI.

For every campaign we’ve researched, Dynamic has always proven to increase the campaign effectiveness. As such, we believe that there is always a case to optimse your media and creative dynamically.

Dynamic Scheduling

Dynamic Scheduling campaigns optimise DOOH ad serving (linear video or static ads). It uses data to ensure a campaign has the most relevant creative playing on each screen within the media owner schedule.

At its simplest it’s showing “Creative A” in the morning and “Creative B” in the evening, but this can be taken further by triggering using data. Using weather data this could be a “Hot” creative when it’s sunny or “Cold” creative when it starts to rain, but almost any data source can be used, from Demographic data through to Flight data.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content campaigns differ from Dynamic Scheduling in that each DOOH ad has the ability to have dynamic, updating or changeable elements within the ad itself.

Each time a dynamic content poster loads it can be changed and updated, from the headlines and copy through to videos, images and to display data.

Optimised Creative Elements

It’s not just the use of data that can achieve results. By designing for the medium and tweaking creative elements to optimise the layout and content we also see a huge improvement in performance.

The key elements that have the greatest effect from a purely creative perspective; Copy Length, Product Shot, Brightness & Contrast, Branding, Humour, People.

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