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The industry leading Dynamic DOOH Platform

Liveposter gives advertisers, agencies and media owners the opportunity to maximise the full potential of Dynamic DOOH and create award-winning campaigns that can change depending on the moments that matter in the real world.

In a world of constant distraction, with information available at the touch of a button, consumers want and expect brands to connect with them in an engaging way.

As part of Posterscope’s suite of tools, the Liveposter platform combines technology, data, insight and process to automatically create compelling DOOH campaigns that utilise various data sets to connect brands with their audience through relevant context. Campaigns can be supplied to multiple media owners, globally, from this single integrated platform. A platform that’s connected with all screens on an OOH plan and crucially that enables dynamic activations in a simple and cost efficient way.

The Dynamic Difference

More relevant, dynamic messaging increases the performance of your DOOH campaign. We call this incremental increase the ‘Dynamic Difference’.

Our landmark three-stage research project proves how the use of contextually relevant messaging in DOOH will increase effectiveness by an average +17%.

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How data brings real-time relevance to DOOH

Data is the fuel that creates amazing, dynamic campaigns. From counting down to the launch of a movie, changing an ad to reflect a local team winning the Premiership, to changing the language of an ad in an airport to reflect the destination of the next departing plane; all of this is only made possible with access to live data.

Your audience’s mood & mindset changes throughout the day, but in most cases the creative doesn’t. Liveposter ensures that a brand’s message is always relevant, whatever the moment.





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Here’s a small selection of highly successful campaigns that have been delivered via Liveposter

Guinness Belief-o-Meter D6 poster - count up and down pool Dynamic
Heathrow Express D6 poster - location distance comparison Dynamic
Capri-Sun Summer D6 poster - location Dynamic
Cadbury Inventor D6 poster - count up pool Dynamic
Cadbury Match & Win D6 poster - live scores Dynamic
Heinz World Cup D6 poster - scores Dynamic
Co-op Summer of Goods D6 poster - location Dynamic
Fly United with Link NYC D6 poster - flight times Dynamic

Working with the Liveposter platform

The Liveposter platform is made up of different components which enable effortless dynamic capabilities.

1) Liveposter Ad Container (LPAC) is the delivery vehicle scheduled by media owners
2) The Editor – a layout tool where responsive, dynamic templates are built
3) CMS – Campaigns are built, scheduled and connected to external data

Liveposter can be accessed in a variety of different ways by clients, creative and media owners. Depending on business requirements Liveposter is available both as a managed in-house service or via various licensing models for SaaS.

Media Owners

The Liveposter platform is currently compatible across over 150 networks globally. New media owners and networks are regularly added, usually on a campaign by campaign basis.


Liveposter enables brands to fully exploit dynamic DOOH advertising to become more relevant, more engaging and more effective. Giving you the ability to ensure you are playing the most effective advert at the right time, at scale.

Creative Agencies

The Liveposter Editor, our platform for template design and creation, will replicate agency designs perfectly. Templates can also output using responsive design, reducing the number of adapts required from a creative agency.

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